The largest selection of live baits

Our company is currently the biggest live bait distributor in Hungary. We have a huge selection of the finest feeding-materials, feeding-seeds, preserved hook-baits. Please consider, that we only attend on traders.

We have been engaged in dealing with live baits since 1985. At the very beginning we dealed with ornamental fish and equipment. At that time, the fishermen started to explore the advantageous potentialities of the jokers.

The fisherman competitors started to buy their jokers, worms from us. The new material become so popular, that the natural sources of the Hungarian gnats founded insufficient. Thanks to our international contacts we were succeeded in fulfiling the ordered items without a slight hitch. Later we started to appear with our gnat-larvas and other products on both national and international contests. Due to the increasing demand on our products, we begun to distribute new live baits. Many of the fisherman competitors had his own fishing shop, that was the beginning of our nation-wide distribution network.

From January 2003, the company has been being called Juve-Csali Ltd., in March, 2003 we have opened our live bait and feeding-material wholesale trade shop along with several fishing equipment distributor companies in the Illatos road, Budapest. We took over the live bait department from Energofish in March, 2006, which is still running sucessfully.

We grew out our Illatos road establishment, thus we had to move into a more spacious, more equipped wholesale trade centre in the 18th district's Közdűlő road 46-50, in November 2006, which has had to reach the European level. Our product selection were growing as well as our warehouse stock.

During the long years we managed to improve our storing and transport technique next to perfection. Currently we have two new refrigerator vans and seven cooling chambers.

We can keep our baits in the most appropriate way, providing to our trade partners the best quality product. We do our best to guarantee the best quality and a cultivated, fast serving.